Our Vision?

We believe in a Modern Workplace.

Everyone should be able to access their data and systems from any location and on any device. As long as it is SECURE, AVAILABLE and MANAGED.

Our Vision…

In the beginning…

In 2005, when we started TruOFFICE, we made a pledge to revolutionise the service that IT-managed services providers would give to their customers.

IT service providers would wait for disaster to strike! Once it did (and it always did), they would be there to naturally assist, but leave the customer with a huge bill! Can you imagine the stress and anxiety of customers and providers? This had to change!

Somewhere in the middle…

We engineered a new way – a way where we would proactively monitor all systems. We would then know if there were problems lurking before our customers did. This new way has now been adopted by many IT service providers (ITSP) and are called Managed Service Providers (MSP).

We weren’t pioneers in this area of business, but we knew we were on to something great that could help businesses run efficiently and securely.

Certainly not the end…

In the last 3 or 4 years, a new wave of the requirement was lurking. Not only did we have to ensure our clients’ systems were up and running and we were on hand to support them, but we needed to ensure that they were secure from Cyber Threats!

Once again we re-engineered, what is now becoming our new mantra of IT services to our clients – The 4-WAYS to complete IT Management. These are SECURITY, BUSINESS CONTINUITY, COLLABORATION AND SUPPORT. We believe that these are the 4 pillars to ensuring your business is successful, efficient, and secure.

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