Cloud Virtual Desktops

TruOFFICE Remote Desktop – your Windows Desktop anywhere, anytime

Imagine working on your Window Desktop anywhere you have an Internet connection with full access to all your files, email and databases just like being in the office.
With a TruOFFICE Remote Desktop that becomes a reality. We set up, host, and manage your Windows Desktop on our fast and secure network which is designed for the ultimate in reliability and performance.

This solution is perfect for a business that wants to avoid the expense costs of buying and maintaining servers and also keep their monthly costs fixed per user.

Additionally if your business wants to keep office rental cost down this solution is perfect for you – some of our clients don’t even have office space at all and their staff work seamlessly as a team.

A TruOFFICE Remote Desktop is also a great fit if you are facing a large bill to upgrade your servers. Rather than spend thousands on new hardware and the migration simply move to the Cloud and never pay for a server upgrade or migration again.

Five great reasons to use a TruOFFICE Remote Desktop:

  • Low capital expense if you are starting out
  • Fixed predictable monthly costs and as you grow you pay a single user monthly fee
  • Always benefit from the latest in Microsoft technology
  • Never worry about an office disaster again, if you are faced with office theft, fire or flood no problem – your staff can go work anywhere with an Internet Connection
  • Know your system are being protected by experts

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