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Fed up with just using the phone to communicate with your team, partners or customers? Is your workforce situated in geographically dispersed locations or speak a different language? What to do?

The good old trusty ‘dog ‘n bone’ is just not that useful any longer!

Frustrated MD demanding more…

The world of technology has evolved rapidly over the last 5 years. Businesses are demanding new ways of communication to collaborate with their teams, customers and partners than ever before.

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Can you relate to this?

A customer of ours started their life with 5 staff, 4 years ago. So, as you do, we sprung up a small entry-level server and 5 laptops and a printer. We knew that critical information services like email, and telephony needed to be in the cloud as their budget could not cater for expensive equipment and management on site.

As Microsoft partners, we immediately loaded them onto an Office 365 Tennant, and presto, they were up and running within a couple of days – fully managed, supported and all their business continuity all sorted out.

Within a year, their staff count was up to 12 and they opened up and office in the US. We extended the phones and email to the US team (simple enough) with a local presence. Now, the business owners had to keep the ‘team’ engaged, informed and communicate at the speed of light.

As they were already into the Microsoft path, we introduced Microsoft Teams. Immediately the following collaboration features were made available.

  • Video calling
  • Document collaboration and co-authoring
  • Information located in one single application

Immediately staff morale, engagement and teamwork improvement across the business! No more, duplicate files being emailed around the business, they could simply open up a shared document, chat, call and annotate one single document.

What a win!

Says CEO…

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