Cyber Security

What is your Risk tolerance?

Has your business been hit by a ransomware attack? Spent days with your IT provider trying to recover data that is has been locked by a dark-web master demanding 3 million bitcoins? Try to imagine for a moment, what impact this would have on the business. If your sales team could not send that all-important sales proposal to a potential lead that was just about to spend a tidy sum with you, but you just could not get the proposal to them.

Lost business and a severely damaged credibility will ripple around your target market.


A recent survey in 2019 by the Department of Digital, Culture, media, and Sport in the UK indicate that 32% of business have sustained a breach of some kind in the last 12 months!

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are primed for attackers. They are often less secure and unprepared for an attack. With the use of hacking kits and cyber-crime automation, the cost and time it takes to launch a successful attack have decreased and as a result, the number of cyber-attacks executed has increased. Hungry for more stats on cyber-security go here.

Are these areas secure in your business?

  • Devices connected to your data services?
  • Identities (user accounts and logins) that access your data?
  • Communication platforms that have access to your data and services?
  • Most of all, is your Data secure from theft (internal & external)?

Here’s what you should be doing!

TopTip 1:

Risk Tolerance test: Make a note of your data silos (where your data is located), then turn each one of them off at various times. Make a note of which silos you get the loudest noise (from disgruntled users) and this will be where you need to prioritise your efforts and will be a good indicator of your Risk Tolerance.

TopTip 2:

Another simple quick win is to protect your corporate accounts with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) or Two Factor Authentication (2FA) services. Most often, your data gets compromised because your passwords to your IT systems are weak and not protected adequately. Our customers have seen a 65% improvement in security score (provided by Microsoft 365 Security Score and the Microsoft Graph) in implementing this service.

TopTip 3:

Be proactive and have adequate and regularly tested backups of your systems. Ensuring that your systems are available when you need it most!

That will never happen to me. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Common thoughts amongst SME’s…

There is, however, a no one-solution or ‘magic bullet’ answer. A recent study from a Deloit Cyber Threats report, 48% of cybersecurity breaches are NOT preventable by MFA services alone. We would always recommend to our customers to secure their data using multiple threat protection security services. No one solution is enough to evade attackers.

Are you willing to risk your business success and tarnish your well-earned reputation, should your data be compromised? Act now!

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