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Welcome to our Insights zone! Here we aim to help you better understand technology to make it simple to understand. There are some business learning and technical learning.

One bad email. That’s all it takes…

One bad email. That’s all it takes… What’s the biggest threat to UK businesses in 2021? Not Covid – it’s ...
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Data security during home working

Working from home can make your business more exposed to a potential cyber-attack. Because sometimes our home Wi-Fi isn’t as ...
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3 scary signs your business has been hacked

Hackers are very smart people. Not only can they break into your computer without you realising it, but they can ...
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Working remotely with One Drive

If some of your team are in the office, and some still working from home – and maybe they’re swapping ...
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Work from home: The new normal

I think we’re all starting to realise now that working from home is here to stay, thanks to Covid. But ...
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Why you still need antivirus

It might seem in our modern age, that you no longer need antivirus to protect your devices. Oh no. Quite ...
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