Important keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac

Important keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac

Important keyboard shortcuts for PC and MacUsing keyboard shortcuts will help you get around much faster and can cut down the time needed to complete a task.

Here are the most important keyboard shortcuts worth knowing both for PC and Mac users.

Text editing

Cut, Copy, Paste
PC: Ctrl + X = cut; Ctrl + C = copy; Ctrl + V = paste
Mac: Command + X = cut; Command + C = copy, Command + V = paste.

To select an entire document, you’ll just have to press Ctrl + A for Windows users and Command + A for Mac users. To undo a command, you need to press Ctrl + Z for PC and Command + Z for Mac, whereas to redo it, the keyboard shortcut for PC is Ctrl + Y, but for Mac is Command + Shift + Z.


To find text within a document

PC: Ctrl + F
Mac: Command + F


To select a paragraph

PC: Shift + Ctrl + Up/Down arrow
Mac: Shift + Command + Up/Down arrow

To select one line at a time, the shortcut is the same for both Windows and Mac user: Shift + Up/Down arrow.


Web browsing – add a bookmark

You can create a shortcut of your favorite webpages by bookmarking them:
PC: Ctrl + D
Mac: Apple key + D


Show desktop

If you have too many windows open and you want to quickly access your desktop:
PC: Windows key + D
Mac: F11


Close browser

A faster and clever way you close your browser without having to use your mouse:
PC: Alt + F4
Mac: Apple key + Q


Reopen previous tab

If you accidentally closed a tab:
PC: Ctrl + Shift + T
Mac: Apple key + Z


Go to previous location in browser

If you want to go to the webpage you were looking at before your current one:
PC: Alt + ←
Mac: Apple key + [


Starting and closing applications

Move through a list of open applications
Mac: Command + Tab
PC: Alt + Tab
To move through the list in reverse, just press Command + Shift + Tab for Mac and Alt + Shift + Tab for PC.


To open a new tab

PC: Ctrl + T
Mac: Command + T


To close a new tab

PC: Ctrl + W
Mac: Command + W
To minimize/ maximize the focused windows
PC: Alt + Space + N/ Alt + Space + X
Mac: Command + M/ Command + L


To show all open windows

PC: Windows key + Tab
Mac: F9


To delete forever

PC: Shift + Delete